Status Quo
by Grinner
(874 views) - 3/14/08
(recorded 3/14/08 @ 6:10:11 AM)
"You know why you have so many emotionally unstable friends?"

"Most of them are not that unstable, but go on."

"Because you don't really care. Anyone can come by your place and vent themselves and you don't ask questions. So I can leave knowing that nothing I said will leave this room and that I didn't burden you with anything, because you don't care."

"I do care. It's just that people don't want me to ask questions and confront them. They just want someone to listen to them, so they can feel better about everything. It's too difficult for them if I start questioning them and honestly, I don't have the energy to play psychiatrist and life advisor all the time. I just barely have my shit together, so also trying to figure out other people's is just too much for me.
I also have my own problems, you know."

"Well why don't you talk to someone?"

"Because in order to understand my point of view and to actually listen to me, the other person needs to be more settled than me. And no one I know is. So talking to them only goes:
'My problems is such and such.'
'Oh yeah, I know that. I also have that. And right now I also am occupied by....' And a long list follows.
So it's all about everyone else again. And if they have the attention span of a gerbil, how am I supposed to state my issues?"

"Well, how about finding someone new to talk to then?"

"Because anyone that I could communicate with is in exactly the same situation. They listen to everyone's problems day after day and don't need extra shit from me. Just as I don't need to hear more about lifes' failings from them."

"So nothing changes?"


"That sucks."


"Well, I gotta leave now. See you."

"Bye. Enjoy your day."
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