ancient arts revived.
by delphian
(907 views) - 4/16/08
(recorded 4/16/08 @ 12:53:24 AM)
Why is it that home baking has lost it's foothold in the american kitchen?
I'll think about that more. So on to the good stuff!

So I still come to realize what I had lost. I know I seem hung-up on a thought oh 'oh let her go, she's moved on so should you.' no I can't move on. I have questions I want to ask her but in all good faith I can't. What I want to ask is something that shouldn't be asked. I want to ask her how she feels about me still. It's a simple question but shrouded is so much more it's hard to get a straight answer. let alone EVEN an answer to that question. So it shall remain unquestioned, and unanswered shall it stay.

Why do I bake for people? I think I bake for people to get them to experience something that is being lost in this country. I bake to so passion in an art form. I consider baking an art, sure pictures aren't edible but still, staring at a piece of fresh baked, toasted buttered bread gets you to tears. Thats why I do this. It is that fact that through some very basic and crude ingredients someone is able to make something beyond words of how unbelievably wonderful it is. I bake to bring pleasure, to bring people joy that I may have not done in the past.

~Jacob the Baker
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