ramblings from the love-struck kid.
by delphian
(860 views) - 10/11/08
(recorded 10/11/08 @ 8:59:57 PM)
I am absolutely falling/fallen. How is it that I have managed to completely miss her this whole time? Why was I not introduced to her sooner? I hesitate to use that word that best describes my emotions, somehow I dance around it and avoid it. When I close my eyes I can smell her close and imagine her there. Somehow she understands me. I try my best to understand her; She is a hard read at times, and stubborn but I do my best to predict this and help. I just wish I had more time with her. However that barely counts as a complaint, the time I do spend with her is nothing short of heavenly, I love her presence close to me. Somehow seeing her smile and when she looks at me gives me this deep sense of something that I've lost for a long time suddenly found. A revelation moment. I haven't felt this ecstatic in forever and it is so refreshing to see that love cannot be given up on so easily. Love is a hard word to say but an easy one to think.

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