A Sunday Sermon (Vision)
by bondservant
(1923 views) - 3/25/09
(recorded 3/25/09 @ 11:31:02 AM)
I heard a sermon last Sunday
echo lifelessly through the sanctuary
with the kind of sarcasm that doesn’t quite bite
absorbed by the warm bodies and fine clothing
with only whispers reaching our ears
I think it was about love
and coffee and other relevant things
delivered with the kind of miniscule spark
that must have set Los Angeles ablaze
killing eight last summer
That afternoon I remember fighting past the surf
to find that undulating calm
where the smoke-laden breeze
mingled with the quicksilver
an hypnotic fornication which I dared not disturb
so I looked away
only to watch the monstrous eye
slide lazily into a sea of blood
perhaps the blood of the eight
but I was at peace
and they, at rest
Who was it, after all, who decided
drowning would be a good ritual?
“That seems pleasant,
a pregnant picture of hope”
I guess that way you have no choice
but to leave all this behind
There is something, shall we say, poignant
about being snuffed out
in a pool of someone else’s blood
imagining the gurgling twilight to be dawn
in the best-case scenario

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