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by depressional poet
(2000 views) - 8/17/09
(recorded 8/17/09 @ 5:53:07 AM)
It has been SO long since I've even thought of this site! I was just sitting here at my computer, planning my drive to California for next week, and OIO just popped into my head. It only took me a few seconds to actually remember what the analogy stood for, and I decided to take a look at how the site was doing.
I'm happy to see it's still used. Not as much as Myspace or Facebook, but it's so much better when tight knit social sites stay that way!

I had to take a look at the past entries I've written, and it's been almost four years! I miss the almost daily writing on a site, wondering whether my posts are read at all, and feeling a hint of a lifted burden after releasing the details of my day out. My writing style has changed a bit since I've last written. Not using grammar or shortening already short words annoys me beyond anything else now, a complete 180 from how I used to write.
Well, not much of a transition...But, the details of recent days in my life...

I am currently living with my boyfriend, Brice, in a house on the ASU East Campus. I will be attending Scottsdale Community College this semester, after attending Evangel University in Missouri for a semester in 2008. I don't have a major as of right now, seeing as it constantly changed while I was away at Evangel. Who knows what I want to be my main course of study...I was leaning towards Theater Performance, but recently I have decided I want to be a Wedding Planner (among the 1200 other careers I want to take up). I will be turning 20 this month on the 22nd. Among the plans I have to celebrate are The Cheesecake Factory and cosmic bowling the night of, then the Depeche Mode concert with Brice on the 23rd. The following weekend, we are driving to California to go to Universal Studios and Hollywood, which is what I am most excited about! I've only been once in my life, and I was 12. It'll be exciting to go on my own and choose all the places I want to see.
I am attending Gateway Heritage A/G these days and participating on the worship team as a leader and pianist.
A while after my last post here, I left the church and went on my own path. I dove into the rave scene here in AZ, and it became my home. I was dating a dealer, who turned into my fiance, who abused me in every sense of the form. I became the drugged up girlfriend that believed every lie of "It'll never happen again," and "I only did it because I love you." I was the girl I told myself I would never be. Finally, after a year, I got the courage to be done with that whole situation. I ran back to the church as it was my only home that I knew people who cared about me. For another year, I went to church, but I still wanted the life that I had being out all night, going out drinking, and doing what I wanted (and who I wanted). Eck, bad memories.

Things are so much better now. I've settled down an extreme amount, and I'm balanced. I know where my priorities are and where they need to stay, and for right now, I am getting myself back to the top. I start school in a week and my new job next month. Things are on a good track, and I plan on keeping it that way.
Who knows, I may be on here a bit more! =]

Hope those who read this have a good night!
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