Outside my window
by Wildfire
(1827 views) - 1/21/11
(recorded 1/21/11 @ 6:28:47 PM)
It's a gorgeous day outside. From inside, I can see the peaks of the Catalina mountains. The mountainsides are just the tiniest tinge of green, fresh growth from all our winter rains.

Even though I'm inside, I can just tell that the temperature outside is perfect. Warm in the sun and cool in the shade. A breeze gently lifts and kisses the palm fronds, the leaves on the bushes and teases around corners of buildings and under cars.

The sun is preparing to set in the next hour and a half or so. The shadows are lengthening and these last precious hours of sunlight are dying as the world turns slowly in space.

The people on the street are bustling, everyone's trying to get home on a Friday evening. Nobody looks like they're appreciating the beauty of living in the foothills or the way the sun caresses their faces as they trudge into their cars.

I wonder if I'm like those people. Everyone's always got someplace to go and a timeframe to do it in. I need to remember to step back and glory in the details of life. Maybe I only think about pausing to enjoy the outdoors while I'm stuck indoors - and then once I'm free of work, I forget to pause and breathe deeply the rich scent of citrus blossoms in the wind.

The human condition is quite a quandary.
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