by surrogate sonance
(384 views) - 9/1/03
(recorded 9/1/03 @ 10:24:05 AM)
drunken parties seems to be a theme this weekend-
well, i suppose we are in college, and it is a holiday.

dis's rendition of a drunken party from the viewpoint of one whom is not drunken depresses me. i've been on both the drunken and sober sides of the view, and i vote in favor of the alcohol. (however, i completely understand anyone’s reason for not drinking. there are plus sides to not falling down sick.)

this party didn't have (too many) of the falling down sick types- however, it did have someone breaking the toilet (*shakes head* not a good thing. *continues shaking head* not a good thing at all...) if you haven't ever stopped to notice, drunk people have to pee very often.
the owner of the apartment we trashed (she shall be finding beerbottlecaps around her place for a month) was actually very chill about the whole thing- thats why we love her (and that's why we drink at her place).

the intersting thing about partying with this group is… partys almost breed a form of social incest, where friends who would normally never pass the *happy hug* stage start trying to get on each other. very amusing to watch them try to say "let's go in the other room and make-out" without actually saying it, while drunk. usually it means one person stares at the other's shoes while the other rambles on about how purple and squishy the couch in the other room is.

on a not completely unrelated note, i move that camera phones be banned- it wasn't until about halfway through the party did i realize one kid had his phone out and was clicking away at the goings on... not cool. its not that i remember doing anything bad, its that i don't remember doing anything bad, and i want no one else to either.

if i start a petition making aforementioned phones illegal, will you sign it?
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Interestingly enough, it was Phil who bought the tapes for my camera and encouraged me to bring it...

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 9/1/03 11:03 AM]

I'd sign it. 'sides.. they got PDA's with that stuff now :D
   [Lux (J) 9/1/03 4:30 PM]

i know! what is this world coming to? i hear that in japan they have laws about it now, people using the phones in locker rooms at gyms and stuff like that... ehh *shudders.*

poor, poor phil...
   [surrogate sonance (J) 9/1/03 9:11 PM]

Ehh. I think I'd be the one snapping photos.
   [Lindsay (J) 9/3/03 5:58 AM]

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