Tales from Futility: Encounter with the Daltons Part 2
by Ziabatsu
(381 views) - 9/3/03
(recorded 9/11/03 @ 8:53:06 PM)
Hey kiddies welcome back. *wonders if he should despense with the normal greeting and banter. Decides he should*

Tales from Futility: Ecounter with the Daltons

Eric looked at the empty town in a confused worry. He looked to the Reverend for how to react, but the Reverends stone face gave no clue. Finally the silence was broken by a order by Reverend's unusually cold voice. "Eric, gather everyone with a gun up here, do it quietly." Eric nodded his head and ran off. Reverend walked back to his cart and dug deep within his cart finally pulling out a dusty black suitcase set with metal trim. He stared frightened at the his need to undo the inlaid lock on the suitcase. Finally he regained his composure, "No, I don't need you yet." He looked back to one of the earlier boxes and pulled out a bolt action varmint rifle that had served him well. Grimacing at what he might have to use it for he ran back to the front of the caravan, where Eric had gathered up everyone with a gun.

They numbered 12 with a variety of weapons from ancient pistols to hunting rifles and shotguns. They all looked expectantly at the Reverend. "Gentlemen, I'm afraid something very bad may have happened we need to go through and check the town and see who is here. We will split up into two teams Mr. Carlson, you'll take six people and check out the immediate area, I'll go with the other five and check the north side, we will meet at the town square. any questions?"

"Yes Reverend, Who am I going with?"

"I'm sorry Eric, your too young, and you don't have a gun, and I couldn't bear to tell Gale that you died under my care."

Eric made a few futile protests but was quickly silenced as the men split off and walked nervously into town.

James Carlson was fearing the worst. He feared that raiders had heard the news about the fall and, unable to beat them to the canyon, settled with slaughtering the whole town and at waiting to kill them when they arrived. He rounded every corner entered every building worried that he would witness the evidence of a brutal massacre.

Reverend also had fears, he feared for the safety of the men following him. He took every risk, every entry himself, afraid to let anyone else do it, afraid to let anyone else die because of him. He was about to enter a house when he heard a muffled movement behind the door.

Wow, I did a lot for a single day, I guess you'll be getting more tomrrow.
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