Offensive Post
by Ziabatsu
(424 views) - 9/4/03
(recorded 9/3/03 @ 10:35:33 PM)
{serious} HEy I'm probably going to offend some people with this relgion post, I'm just farking around with a hypothetical. IF your offended, don't bother commenting, I'm not going to care and it will just make me mock you viscously yes viscously.

God, people always try to make proofs for God, and for the most part, they have some success. Unfortunately they fail to realize that it mearly proves the existance of A god, not THEIR god. So they mention that If god isn't a good and caring person, why did he create people. I cite the "Works in mysterious ways" Just because you don't understand them, doesn't prove you right. You could all be stuck in Agnostic Hell. (Devil created the world so He would have someone to be miserable with.)

Now Nihilists have declared God is dead. I unfortunately don't believe the have succeded in this. We need to destroy the idea of God if we plan to succed on this angle. So first we need to destroy the idea God is based off of Perfection. If we can destroy the Idea of perfection. You can't imagine an all perfect being if you can't Imagine anything being perfect. I figure the best we can do is convince everyone to use Optimal. Whatever. I'm tired
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i could have sworn i wrote a note on this... dammit. interesting though.
   [noprotein (J:: M) 9/4/03 6:46 PM]

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