by surrogate sonance
(408 views) - 9/8/03
(recorded 9/8/03 @ 11:06:40 AM)
can you say, pbj? yum.

so, college is definitely in full swing- we've got the english papers and the football game devastation -take a look, you'll find evidence of beer all over campus- and the drunken parties.

and it really aint much different than high school, is it? except now, we haven't got our parents to pay for shit, teachers that won't spoon feed us (if god has devised a way to torture me, it is most certainly through chemistry 113), roommates in exchange for obnoxious siblings, and alcohol to complicate the clearly inescapable drama.

oh, and my exboyfriend's mom's office is three rooms down from my engineering design class. sweet. (brief background: was said boy's first gf, broke up with boy, huge drama, got back together, broke up for college, he's still in high school.) running into her in the hallway is the definition of awkward.

time for english. tony had better remember my calculator. ;)
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i have my own definitions of awkward... ask me and I'll tell you sometime.

mmm... pbj...
   [disillusioned (J:: M) 9/8/03 12:07 PM]

I'll third the pbj movement. thank god for lazy food.
   [enlite (J:: M) 9/8/03 1:15 PM]

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