Who are these people?
by Ziabatsu
(427 views) - 9/8/03
(recorded 9/8/03 @ 5:06:46 PM)
Not much to write about. Just a little Ziabatsu Update. First off, If you haven't notice, this page has blossmed from about 12-13 members to the 52 users we have now. Most of these people have been good and have written in their bios. Some of you, *points to five people* Fill out your bios. I don't know who you are, but I'd rather not know who you are very well. Seriously, A party would be great, but it would be nigh impossible to organize(unless we really wanted it). On the Digital front, I have constructed and run my first AIM bot. Its name is dZiaBOTsu. It will eventually be able to tell you where I am, and allow you to leave messages for me. Go ahead, Talk to it, Its smart.
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Yeah, word of mouth is a crazy thing...

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 9/9/03 1:52 AM]

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