Tired and Blind.. I Roam
by Lux
(379 views) - 9/14/03
(recorded 9/14/03 @ 2:38:33 PM)
Ok, i'm typing t his with my eyes closed the whole time as they've been open far too long. After last night, I woke up really early and didn't get a lot of sleep at all. Then I get home and play some computer game that further deteriorates my eey sight. Right now they throb and at the library they were shaking on their own.

Ugh... the library. Went to the library to study for AcDec today. Botany FUCKING sux. Took me 3 hours to get through 30 pages or so, but these are big ass pages that rival the largest textbooks. and the print's fucking small too. if it wasn't for offee i might be passed out and droooling all over a table in the center aisle of the library right now.

right now i'm pretty m uhch ready to give up on school. fuck it. just fuck it all. go to UoA, npay for nothing, maybe get the flynn. you know? and i fmissed the deadline for SAT II's on october which means if i want to raise my scores i'll either have to pay an extra fee or wait till the november tst date, effectively f'ing my chances at MIT. god i hope i can get in. ... i guess deep down i'll always care. fdamn... i don't want to go instate... now mateter how easy or how much more fun it'll be.. i wnat out. i can't take this place anymore. i want college. tired of these games, tired of the homework, just soo damn tired. i should go take a nap. i should go write my personal essay. i should go do my govt homework. but no... my eyes are closed and i'm typing away. sometimes... bah... there are some times for everything.

Here's to ruling the world, one entry at a time... Cheers.
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Hey Lux, IF you really really really want it, I can talk to my dad, have him talk to you, and see if we can work out a letter or recommendation. He got his PHd there, maybe it can help out.
   [Ziabatsu (J) 9/14/03 4:39 PM]

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