Body Shots
by Lux
(379 views) - 9/15/03
(recorded 9/15/03 @ 4:40:09 PM)
I could use some alcohol right now... anything to dull it away. I don't know why, but I was fine a few minutes ago. Now... bah. Funny, huh? You can pretend you don't care, you can even believe you don't, but a lot of the times you do. And in the end, you know you do. Who knows, mabye I'm overreacting. Maybe I'm just being stupid. But this feeling won't go away. So close. How close I felt. One more step, one more word, one more glance. Who knows, maybe I was just blinding myself. Living a fantasy, a reality with out reality. But now... It's like those horror movies where you walk down the tunnel and you almost get to the door, but then... then the creepy music comes on and the hallway elongates before your eyes and the door is nowhere in sight. All's you know is that if you can just reach it, just get a hold of it, just get to the other side, everything'll be ok. Everything will be happy. Everything will be. And as that door fades off into the distance, you see your dreams go with it. Everything will never be. Yet... maybe everything never was and what was something was truely nothing. Wouldn't be the first time it's happened. I want... Hell, I don't even know what I want. But I do know this isn't it, not nearly. The rains have come, the lightning strikes, and upon the plains life convulses. Yet, with the storms comes the hope of renewal. In the wake of winter's death there comes the seeds of spring.
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Chen, save the drama fo yo mama... You're a troubled young man. you've got friends who care, a loving giving family, a big 'ol brain in the top of your head, and plenty of chinese ho's. you're set as far as i can tell pal ;) Count your blessings.
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   [noprotein (J:: M) 9/15/03 11:24 PM]

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