Who The Fuck Are You?
by Lux
(459 views) - 10/7/03
(recorded 10/7/03 @ 3:49:28 PM)
Three AM

It's three AM and here I am,
a bottle of Jack in my hand,
a friend beside me talking,
and in the cold winter night,
we prowl the streets thinking,
thinking of everything, nothing,
and a billion thoughts flicker
in our minds, a reflection of
that pitch black sky above
as well as that black heart
within my very chest beating
to the pulse of recollection
to the pulse of infinite loss
to the pulse of boundless joy.
it throbs with the tempo,
the beat of conversation,
the heart ebbs as it ebbs,
flowing as it flows,
and as the wind races across
these darkened streets we stand
in torment by mutual lack of love,
we stand upon these bleak highways
propped by that bottle of Jack,
supporting each other we roam
these deadened streets, silent alleys
searching for an answer to desire,
finding nothing but this bottle of Jack.

What a fun day. Honestly, I'm sure I had some dark moments as I always do, but for the most part it wasn't too bad of a day for me. Stayed up until 2 AM talking which, whether or not it was healthy for me or my relationship with my partner in crime, is still debatable. Got rudely awaken at 6:30 by my dad who was not aware that there was such a thing as a late start today at school. Then he wakes me up at 7 again, screaming. Apparently, he thought I told him to wake me up at 7. I calmly tell him I could get to school by 10, and problem sovled. I fall back into my bed which is a mess of comforter, pillow, pillow covering minus pillow, and strewn clothes. Wake up, it's 7:30. Fall back to unconsciousness. Wake up again slightly wary as it's 8:32 and Lindsey still isn't over yet. I'm actually slightly awake by now so I walk down stairs, turn on my computer and by the time the music started playing, Lindsey was opening the gate to my front door. I hop over as my buzzer's busted, open the door slightly, peek out, tell her I need to get my pants on, close door, and do said activity. With that fun start to the morning, we attempted breakfast. Keyword: attempted.

Just a note, do NOT put salt into eggs, well, not too much at least. 4 eggs, and two spoon worth of salt do not go well. Though I would recommend black pepper and garlic powder just for taste. Yea... of all the girls in this conservative backwater, I pick the one that can't cook worth a dime. So I end up making everything which wasn't much. After the eggs, I toasted some French bread, brought out the extra virgin olive oil, cut some veggies, and breakfast was served. I don't think I ate much at all, the bread was pretty good though. So we hang and talk and look at stuff on my computer until it's time to go. I couldn't get her to ditch with me so I was forced to drive to school. Roughly 200 yards from school I realize I forgot my PE shorts. I flip a bitch, go home, race back, all the while peering at my empty gas tank's red light blaring at me asking for gas. As for school itself, meh. So-so. Definately true that you learn more in that 7 minute passing period than you do in class.

Came home and was getting ready to go to swim practice when I get this call. First I thought it was some telemarketer, but nope, my brother just chucked chunks and it was Older Brother Man to the rescue. Decided to prolong my absence from practice for a good thirty minutes. I actually did have to wait until I could call my dad and ask what he wanted me to do, but it was still nice to get that extra bit of relaxation. And now... Now I'm waiting for my dad to get home so we can go out to eat.

Half-day friday! Can't wait. Gonna go see Underworld (supposedly). And finally the week long vacation would be here. Spent studying AcDec and perhaps discussing colleges who knows what'll happen with that latter part. Everything's rather fuzzy as far as anywhere near Christina is concerned. Hmm... a Corona con Lime sounds good right about now. That would be some damn good icing to this day's cake.
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