In Anger One Finds A Love For Creation
by Lux
(612 views) - 10/9/03
(recorded 10/9/03 @ 4:43:06 PM)
The meet was... interesting. The medley (basically the four basic strokes put together with one person swimming a 50 meters of their stroke) relay team I was on came in third but I managed to stay with other teams' A-relay swimmer. The entire cross country team came over today. That was pretty cool too. Talked with JP. That kid should've been in swim. For shame... Also saw a few other friends, wish one of them would have came and talked to me more, but I suppose it all worked out in the end. You lose some only to gain something else.

Anger truly does generate a certain spark. And in the conflagration that wrath wroughts, one finds creation, life, and vigour.

I focused on a small spark. Something that to most would seem insignificant, but to me was slightly more than the ordinary. I kept on pondering it, kept on brooding over it, kept on listening to music that helps me focus and bring forth anger. That spark grew. It consumed me. I lost myself in my thoughts, in my anger. As I sat there watching everyone else, I kept something within me that was ravishing my mind. I clung on to it desperately, despising as well as needing it. Who knew something so foolish could ignite something so deep.

In that rage, I got up to the blocks. In that rage, I waited eagerly for the start signal. In that rage, I swam and let it out. Ended up getting 1:16 (1 minute 16 secs) on 100 m of breast stroke. One of my best times ever. Especially considering I was swimming 1:25's at the beginning of the season. Came in second, being beat only by another breast stroker on my team.

I don't know how many of you out there can relate, and I'm sure some of you think it's a small thing. In some ways it is. But that spark... Sigh... It took me from pleased to deadly anger. All it took was one spark, a bit of time, and the right music. In our lust for destruction, we create some of the most beautiful visions.
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Very intense; I approve. Me likey.

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 10/9/03 10:36 PM]

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