Short, catch-me-up
by Narcissus
(378 views) - 10/28/03
(recorded 10/28/03 @ 5:36:51 PM)
Things had been running smoothly, but damnit, it had to end sometime. I'm so tight for time, much more than usual, but I need the relief of dumping all my thoughts into the void. My dear, dear friend, the void.

Regionals Thursday. We all *must* run our absolute bests. If we do, we could win. We could win. I'm just praying (and, as it's been recently, praying quite literally) that I can contorl my nervousness and turn it into a hype and not a pressure.

College early-action application deadline draws sickeningly close. Should I push off the homework to get this baby done? I think that's gonna have to happen, but.. I've never voluntarily not done homework. ::shivers:: Nerdy, ain't I?

I love Nerds. Nerds are cute. (Just thought I'd throw that in there... more of a compliment to myself, actually.)

"I'm Nicotine
I'm coming clean
I fooled the crowd when I made it soundlike I was more than ready
Strike up the band
Deprive my sleep
Cause there's no love like apathy"
~The Format

They make me smile.
Mmmm. (Note, four m's)
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Haha... wow... four, eh?
*disillusioned trembles to think what might be indicated by anything *more* than four! ;-)

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 10/28/03 5:56 PM]

very nice, technically there are only 3 "m's"... there's one "M" ;)

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 10/29/03 2:12 AM]

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