day to what?
by survey nine
(548 views) - 11/17/03
(recorded 11/17/03 @ 9:29:02 AM)
see look at the dates... it really is day two -so far im 2 for 2, im proud of myself. its also monday, i have plenty to do, but now comes the part of actually picking *what* to do, well for starters i'd like to disspell a myth. i've been trying to show people that the display on my phone is actually blue, a light blue at that, but certainly not a white. so how could i prove this once and for all? simple. borrow a three chip camera from my school, bust out a vector scope and read the temperatures of chroma blue (the blue on the SMPTE color bars) and compare to the (yes) *blue* on my phone. but dont expect not to wait, i'll have to remember to do this by tomorrow. but by then i'll be right and i dont want to point fingers, so i'll name names... chris, will be wrong! (pictures will be provided too. that way you wont have to read a whole bunch) and im gone. but on a side note, im still welcoming "welcomes" so if you didnt welcome me yesterday, feel free to do it today. but if you wait until the third entry, i think the only thing that could make up for it would be to bring me hot friut. (warms the soul) after that... i just dont know.
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The phone is white.
And you don't spell myths. You disspell them.
And the phone is white.

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 11/17/03 1:09 PM]



   [Diffused (J) 11/17/03 1:11 PM]

i actually mean "disspell" for the myth part...

- in Spain, spanish is pretty... mexico, what happened?
   [survey nine (J) 11/17/03 2:58 PM]

mexican spanish is easier. they don't need to be pretty. plus not all Spain spanish is pretty. The most popular and favorite, Castilliano, i hate because of the lithp in it...

~Cut and print~
   [noprotein (J:: M) 11/17/03 7:03 PM]

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