who you gonna call?
by survey nine
(563 views) - 11/20/03
(recorded 11/20/03 @ 12:17:09 PM)
Ghostbusters! i was charging my eight hour battery today, when i was struck with the idea to throw it, along with its charger down the hall. reminding me of the days when ghostbusters were coming into our homes on VHS with action figures, and hands on "weapons" (not that action figures aren't hands on, but they're more for a narrative playing, not "action packed, first person!") blah blah blah, basically i wanted to play with the ghost trap again... and i still, to this day, wish i had a proton pack.
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*sigh*... those were the absolute coolest... And the backpacks with the guns... And the car with the blue bubble lights... Mmm... Those were the days...

   [disillusioned (J:: M) 11/20/03 12:21 PM]

I had a ghost trap it was fun. I found it months before I recieved it for Christmas and consequently made my grandmother hide all my other gifts somewhere else. I never had a proton pack but my friend did. It was fun.

   [Diffused (J) 11/20/03 2:28 PM]

that happened to me once, when i was 8. it was the robot thing that ripley gets into at the end of in "aliens" in order to fight the queen. i didnt know how to react when i finally opened it. im sure i delayed opening the box. i still feel a little bummed... since my grandma went through so much trouble to get it for me.

"...sometimes i doubt your commitment to sparkle motion."
   [survey nine (J) 11/20/03 7:08 PM]

Dude, I had boat loads of Ghostbusters stuff. I actually had the proton pack + a home made jump suit, it ruled. I also had the whole action figure car thing and the ghost buster firehouse. Too bad I never had any of the figures.

   [Ziabatsu (J) 11/21/03 12:14 AM]

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