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Peter Pan Was Never My Friend. Or, Ambition as a Mode of Time Travel. 4/4/06
Outside of a building devoted to cardiovascular devices, in the gutter, lay the box a bottle of aspirin used to be in, and a smashed Burger King wrapper. (I can't...
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For time is our resource 2/26/06
The deadlines and nightmares, the overworked and exhausted states that I could describe are really unremarkable. How are they any different than my past, every other word I've written, a...
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Women scare me. 1/11/06
I'm sick. Not the avain-flu-precursor-that-lands-you-in-the-ER-only-to-wait-for-three-days-because-Arizona's-hospital-systems-got-a-D+. I'm just generally icky, want nothing to do with food, and lack any desire to go to work this week, despite the fact that I'm...
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Can I still enchant you? 12/19/05
I wanted so desperately to touch him. Not in any way that people our (current) age crave touch. It was a desire to verify that he was matter, reality in...
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(Com)pulse(ion) 10/21/05
Those who ever call me focused have no fucking clue what they’re talking about. “You? When did you start?” When do I ever finish? When did 1.5 miles in fifteen minutes...
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Isobaric Ruminations: Thermodynamics as Philosophy 10/15/05
Anything can be simplified to a manageable scope; with enough (minimal, really) experience, all situations can be modeled in such a way as to be approachable, if not familiar. Thus,...
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A brief remark on how not to be a successful engineer:9/2/05
perspective negotiations8/27/05
Why is the real world always referred to so ominously?5/19/05
Things have changed...5/7/05
I don't go to sleep to dream.4/23/05
Voicemail Incentives4/21/05
My own counter-current multiplier.4/12/05
For whom invented the afternoon?4/2/05
Astronauts prolly need to know about the respiratory pump, don't they?3/9/05
What am I to do with all this silence?3/7/05
Your visits to my dreams are supposed to be a good thing-2/24/05
Does the last person you loved today know it?2/16/05
Reconsider the recipient.2/15/05
I shouldn't fear your lack of omniscience.1/27/05
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