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Look what the cat dragged in! 4/28/05
Hey howdy hey y'all. It has been a long, loooonnng time since I have been around. I want to say hi to those that may remember me... diffused, disillusioned, canis, and...
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So much Dust 1/12/04
Wow. I haven't been here in FOREVER. I wonder what everyone is up too. I just wanted to say hi to everybody. ...
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Does the right girl even exist? 9/22/03
As I sit here, in the computing commons, I can't help but ponder the question: Does the right girl even exist? I mean think about it, we as people go...
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Bored!Bored! and wait, oh, no still bored 9/19/03
Man I am bored. I am sitting in the computer commons having just finished up my webwork for math, and don't know what to do for the next hour and...
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Schoolio Schedulea 9/17/03
MWF 740-830 ENG101 840-930- Probably at the MU 940-1030- HST109 1040-1230- Most likely at the MU playing solitare listening to my CDs. Sad ain't it 1240-130- MAT117 Done for the day TTH 915-1030- AST111 1040-1155- ASB222 done for the day Err...
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Bad Drivers 9/15/03
Damn. It never ceases to amaze me how bad the drivers in AZ are. Whether it be driving like 1000 mph in the right lane, following about 4cms off of...
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Budgeting Money Sucks9/14/03
By joining here, am I really Original???9/2/03


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