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The randomness of one boy's mind. Yeah, probably lots of perverted stuff, too. But, hell, that's life. I try to be more emotional than perverted.
E-gads, it's been a while 6/17/04
Well, I was reminded of this place by good ol' Chen...And I decided to put up an entry... Good to be back......
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Teacher for a day 10/24/03
Mrs. Hoodin had to work on something in class today, so she did the insane...She let me teach. It was fun! I'm one step closer to becoming a...
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So, I'm thinkin' to myself 10/22/03
Kassi is away with the band, and with her...6 letters of a 5 part mini-series I wrote. "Gilbertian Wars." For those of you who don't follow lunchtime politics,...
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Well, that sucked 10/19/03
So, Kassi got grounded from EVERYTHING for her grades until she can get them up. This, of course, means she cannot communicate with me or go out with me....
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It will be quite a day 10/15/03
Tomorrow, I go to the store to buy the special supplies for Kassi and I. I'm so damned nervous! I mean, it seems so out of character for...
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What does this mean? 10/11/03
Well, my gf is going away this week, Thursday and Friday, next week, Saturday and Sunday...I should be happy that she's going to go and have a good time, but...
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