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anyone can play guitar 11/6/03
I... love... Neo. *sighs* Yes, kiddies, I saw Matrix Revolutions. Wow. Robert (pronounced "Roh-bear" because I am silly) decided to ask me out last week. That's very sweet of him, because...
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EMILIO!!! 10/25/03
Wow, I completely forgot about this place. Sorry. So, not much has been going on in my life, as usual. My brother shaved his head this morning because he tried to...
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a box with something in it 9/29/03
Je suis fatigué. J'ai deux heures de travail de physique de restant. Je pense que je mourrai avant que je le finisse. Yeah, okay, so my French is not great, but...
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the proudest monkey 9/12/03
thanks to Monsieur Chris Cardinal for pointing out that Strawberry Fields is not my real name. And for noticing that my entire profile is one giant Smashing Pumpkins reference. In...
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never is a promise and you can't afford to lie 9/7/03
I watched "Salem's Lot" on television today. I love old cheesy horror flicks. ...
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and the night mare rides on 9/6/03
i talked to will yesterday, for the first time in a while. usually when I call, he's busy talking to somebody else, or he's not at home. that bothers be...
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