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Here I am. I don't care if you like what I've written. This is a piece of me.
A Sunday Sermon (Vision) 3/25/09
I heard a sermon last Sunday echo lifelessly through the sanctuary with the kind of sarcasm that doesn’t quite bite absorbed by the warm bodies and fine clothing with only whispers reaching our ears I...
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Apparition (Vision) 3/4/09
I \"wrote\" the following poem out loud on my way to work tonight: Her face still haunts me like piss stains in the snow voiceless and disembodied the enigmatic dissonance of jazz floats freely on...
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Water-Faerie Bubble Gum 12/11/05
I stepped into a conundrum— a piece of bubble gum on the sidewalk stuck to the bumpy tread of my shoe. I don’t mean the bubble gum from trick-or-dressed-up-scary wandering—I...
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Tell Me You'll Never Let Me Go 12/5/05
Hold me close Draw me tight Tell me you'll never let me go Everyday And every night Tell me you'll never let me go Tell me you'll never let me go Tell me you'll never let me...
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Bring Me Back 9/28/05
I don't know how To run to you I don't know how To come to you I'm broken down In front of you I cry out Undone for you Now I call Hoping that you will find me Now I...
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I love life. 9/15/05
There are moments that really make me love life in a way that I really can't express. Moments that make my chest feel so full of joy that I...
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It should have been part of a movie.4/6/05
A few poems I liked4/5/05
I don't really understand.4/1/05
All is not well.3/27/05
Things are different now.3/26/05
There is so much that I need to do.3/24/05
Time to be done3/7/05
Is there anything? (Vision)3/7/05
Can't Condemn (Vision)2/22/05
I have no idea what it's like.2/21/05
Thus Spake Nietzsche:2/12/05
About my faith:2/11/05
Here I go.2/6/05
I Looked Up (Vision)2/6/05
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