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Here I am. I don't care if you like what I've written. This is a piece of me.
Emotion is (not) Dead Part III 10/12/03
Emotion is an odd thing, is it not? It is often predictable. Tell him he's a jerk and he'll be angry. Pat him on the head and...
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"Wisdom begins in wonder" problems... 10/9/03
If you go to Google and perform a search on the quote "Wisdom begins in wonder" there will be no doubt in your mind that Socrates said it. With...
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This time of year is when I get to laugh at you 10/9/03
So, the other day I was eating at Duke's, a restaurant/bar sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean. I was sitting outside at a table in the sand eating...
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In the library I am happy 10/5/03
Strange pleasure I get out of the library. I enter and pass through various levels of quietness. Finally, as I reach the main collection, there is no sound but an...
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My Night 10/1/03
I stepped out of the library at 2 am. The coolness felt nice. As I walked along the road back to my dorm, half of a muffin in...
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To forecast the drift of time, (Vision) 9/27/03
To forecast the drift of time, like watching a pond at dusk, as gently the rains caress its surface--the drops befall like moments within the glass....
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I love it when I make a fool of myself....9/26/03
I feel bad for Socrates9/25/03
It's okay to miss you (and I didn't know until now)9/25/03
Founder's Day9/24/03
When I talk to (Vision)9/24/03
Every-Morning Faithfulness (Vision)9/23/03
Visions In Sanity: Part I (Vision)9/22/03
Falling asleep reading the Iliad9/17/03
I went to the beach today.9/13/03
Others are alive as I am alive.9/13/03
I was dreaming of you....9/10/03
And the ground streamed blood...9/10/03
Snail on the Sidewalk9/10/03
From this day forward...9/10/03
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