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Here I am. I don't care if you like what I've written. This is a piece of me.
Proving the existence of God 1/31/05
I'm a dreamer, a big picture person. As much as I look for optimism, in the end I'm a realist (read: pretend to hope for the best, expect really,...
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I'll see you soon. 1/28/05
I'm tired now. It is after 3 am and you will be arriving in a couple of hours. But I had to get it done. I...
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Where do we go from here? 1/23/05
Where do we go from here? The clock has been ticking, driving us mad. It was the only thing we could see. But now it's been drowned out by...
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Way Down (Vision) 1/20/05
I see a darkness that's paralyzing and I lie unmoving on the ground but still my eyes are darting and searching for answers I know cannot be found my mind is trembling my hands are shaking and my...
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When I met Donnie and Kierkegaard 1/14/05
"Every living creature on this earth dies alone." "... the step of even the most tried tragic hero goes like a dance compared with the slow and creeping progress of the...
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The Luckiest 1/9/05
I listened to this song yesterday, and it made me think of you. I don't know how to explain to you (though I'm sure you know) that I know...
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I want to look into your eyes again.1/9/05
And so it ends.1/7/05
New Year´s wasn´t that bad.1/2/05
2004 doesn´t deserve a eugolgy.1/2/05
Last night, I was cold and I couldn't sleep.12/30/04
What ruined me12/19/04
I'm tired of traveling.12/15/04
Tired and lazy11/30/04
Something amusing11/25/04
Kick it up a notch.11/23/04
My Operating System11/23/04
Your eyes11/19/04
I'm tired.11/16/04
I need to sleep...11/14/04
When you are your own worst enemy....11/14/04
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