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My Triumphant Return to Socorro, New Mexico 7/20/04
I’m writing this journal at what I hope is the end of a very long day of traveling. Right now, I am camping out in some art building at the...
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At a Lagrange point 7/6/04
I feel like I haven't been going anywhere recently. I'm just between junior and senior year... I'm not making anything of my summer. This summer is such a let-down compared...
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Finally, a short pause 5/27/04
The last couple weeks of the year have been kind of crazy... there were the AP tests a while back, then I had to make up for everything I missed,...
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Weekend in Durango 3/13/04
I'm writing this entry on my laptop on (free wi-fi)++ at my hotel in Durango, Colorado. I drove up here with my family (for about 9 hours), and I'm going...
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It's all just there, nothing more 2/19/04
Saturday, I played in another (chess) tournament, none of my friends were there, and I was not in the mood to spend hours staring into a checkered void. After the...
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Birthday fun and reflections 1/30/04
This is partially a response to Phil's entry yesterday, but it's also more. My birthday was pretty good, though I didn't do much on it. Most of my birthdays are actually...
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What could be better than a week break!10/11/03


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