It's like love: You always want more no matter how badly you got BURNED last time. - Bio

It takes something of a magician to make one's life appear how they want it to. But trying to make life appear more fantastical, more exciting, more turbulent than it already is... well, that would be the futile work of someone trying to convince me that my life is somehow not normal enough. No thanks, guys, I'm doing just fine.
We've lowered the bar. In fact, we've dropped it. 2/20/05
In the University of Arizona system, a B.A. student's foreign language requirement is four semesters--through Spanish 202, for example. One would think that those who pursue Spanish majors and minors...
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You more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. Who could have predicted such genetics! Mendell and Darwin and all the genomists could never make any sense of your complex...
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Your paintings fade with the years, the turpentine catches fire 2/10/05
"If your skin feels soft and silky, it's not because you're sexy--the Sodium Hydroxide is burning your skin off." I trace the folds in my hands, rummaging the wrinkles like the...
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Pulling out all these tubes, my lifeline resembles all the others 2/4/05
This is an entry to fill the prompt, a little babble about what keeps me going these days. I'm trying to be more independent now--from my family, emotionally, responsibly, financially. It's...
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Something I've seen too little of 1/23/05
With four months left to go, we're already having to prepare ourselves for our goodbyes. It doesn't seem fair, does it? Living in Yavapai, I've met some of the most amazing...
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Steady the sail--we're not ready to be lost 1/20/05
Is this what it comes to, my love? Oh, sweet, sweet child, dance with your father. Please, this is our last hold on your life. After tonight, we leave you to...
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Welcome to Peppersauce, don't forget your keys1/17/05
Free write1/16/05
This is the time. The time was now.1/13/05
This is my real drama. The other shit does not deserve my time.1/7/05
I've got soul but I'm not a soldier1/4/05
Walking in opposite directions, I am two different seasons12/24/04
Nostalgia makes me want to scream12/16/04
Exposing your vendetta12/12/04
The way you're bathed in light reminds me of that night12/10/04
December tastes like almonds12/4/04
Like gravity, reality12/2/04
Ramble, Vol. IV11/28/04
Kiss me, I'm Chris (stolen)11/13/04
I've ruined someone's life tonight11/9/04
You're the kind of guy who makes all the tomboys wear pink11/8/04
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