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So dark the con of man. 6/2/06
Its late and i had a cherry coke not too long ago. I'll be up for a few more hours. There is nothing on tv. Right now i'm watching the...
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think about it. 1/31/06
Image hosting by Photobucket...
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eh? 1/31/06
anyone know the old fashion way to write down a phone number?...
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what is my fear? 1/6/06
I don't think he will ever think of me differently than he initially did and that makes me sad. I might as well milk it as long as I...
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God loves me and I kick ASS! 1/5/06
Growing up, my church had nothing. While i was in jr. high, the newest and first official Youth Pastor was elected, his name was Chad. The things that...
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My feet didn't used to touch the ground...2 11/9/05
I've always been just like every other kid my age. When i was younger i dressed up my Barbies, played tag with my friends and made forts with my...
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My feet didn't used to touch the ground...111/9/05
i never answer my phone.9/21/05
Life is too damn short.9/21/05
yeah thats me.5/8/05
I killed it in the middle of the road.4/29/05
Volkswagen JETTA!!! - Bryce Stewart4/26/05
happy birthday brian.4/14/05
lets step it up a knotch.3/29/05
Too lazy to give this a title.3/13/05
august of 2004.3/9/05
thank you, thank you very much.3/9/05
miss me?3/2/05
everyday should make you appreciate life.2/13/05
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