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uncovered. pure. bare. raw. exposed.
i'm aware that some stare at my hair.... 2/11/05
i haven't written in a few days and im not sure why. things in my life are changing right and left, but the changes are hugely significant. right...
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i'm moving on. 2/5/05
Yesterday was a very emotional day. ill just leave it at that. i have one question for him.... is it b/c thats the way she wants it to be? or...
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*special, special kisses. 2/2/05
I'm really not in the writing mood, but i need to get some things out. Brian and i hung out on monday. it was probably one of the funnest times...
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i found someone new! PS2.... I LOVE YOU! 1/28/05
yesterday was quite an eventful day. i ended up taking the ASSET test for college. its getting closer and closer and its stressing me out to be honest. then after an...
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nine. 1/25/05
Charlee died today. around 3:30. all the b-ball players at the game tonight were wearing their nine shirts. the nine stood for charlees fingers. she only had nine. cancer took her...
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typical. 1/20/05
I'm going through my phase again. I'm fat....
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hopefully this will be the last entry about him.1/17/05
i wonder if it will just get worse as time goes by...1/16/05
God bless Brian.1/16/05
i feel so stupid.1/11/05
how horrible am i capable of being?1/9/05
make it stop NOW!1/8/05
computer geeks, please help. (no offense intended)1/5/05
2005, lets hope this ones better than the others.1/1/05
im not sure how i feel right now.12/30/04
Yay for Christmas.12/26/04
Laguna Beach.12/22/04
words will never explain my hate.12/22/04
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