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My entries will mostly be the result of me trying to put random thoughts to paper.
The title is generally the song I am currently listening to and may even be an indicator of the content ( don't count on it though..)
Status Quo 3/14/08
"You know why you have so many emotionally unstable friends?" "Most of them are not that unstable, but go on." "Because you don't really care. Anyone can come by your place and...
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Friends of Mr. Cairo 7/10/07
(Song by Vangelis) 'Nother entry to read when I'm old and wise. Todays protagonists are Gwen, Lilo and Friedel. Had a more or less decent dinner with them (food didn't turn out as...
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Still Got the Blues 12/31/69
[An absolutely great song by Gary Moore] I haven't been visiting this site in a while and haven't even attempted to write anything, due to a lot of shit flying around...
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Still Wonder 3/2/04
The other day I was tickling a girl and when she tried to tickle me back she had to find out that I wasn't ticklish. So she asked if I...
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Hooray for Boobies! 2/4/04
(Title from a pretty good Bloodhound Gang album.) I just visited and saw there was a poll going on about the most important News event. The Most voted for was...
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Imagine 1/27/04
Why the hell am I writing this stuff at 2AM? Anyway: I had an interesting conversation with one of my close friends the other night, and during this, the good ole...
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One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer1/11/04
Turn On, Tune In and Cop Out.1/9/04


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