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Most of my life is utter nonsense and may be considered boring or just idiotic so READER BEWARE... and enjoy! :)
Cheated 8/10/04
Wow it's been a long time since I've been here. Sorry bout that. To tell ya all the truth... I too have been cheating on this site. ...
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See Ya Later 7/10/04
Hey people, I don't have much time to type for my dad is forcing me to bed since I have a big day tomorrow. You see, we be going...
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Look Who's Back 7/8/04
Ok, today was a good day for me phone wise. I mean, I seriously had like 4 people that I really care about and miss call me in a...
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Nick vs. Barbecue 7/5/04
The following is a true story of a boy and a bbq. No Petcus were hurt much in the making of this story. All rights reserved to Petcu...
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Shopping with mom 7/4/04
I'm back today! Sorry, I just found it weird to be writting two entries in one day... yeah... I really don't know why... I'm gonna shut up now. Anyhoo,...
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Movies and such 7/3/04
Hey ya'll, how be it! Oh hey, Happy 4th of July tomorrow!! I mean, I know this is a bit early, but I won't be on since there...
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To the mall with ye!6/28/04
Changes Suck6/27/04
Party at Sam's!6/27/04
Driving Friends!!6/23/04
Too lazy to give this a title.6/21/04
Bad Day and ect.6/21/04
Bug Battle Begin!6/17/04
Movie and Park6/15/04
Ode to Sparky6/6/04
Pool Part-ey6/3/04
Random Fun5/31/04
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