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Just A Random Thought... 8/17/09
It has been SO long since I\'ve even thought of this site! I was just sitting here at my computer, planning my drive to California for next week, and...
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Talk About Forever. 12/22/05
So it has been a while. When I say a while, I literally mean it. I am half way done with my junior year. I've had two different jobs...
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im 16 with a liscence 8/25/05
well this past monday was my birthday. it was kewl except i worked right after school. but its ok. today my dad and i went and met melinda at the...
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i won $50. 6/29/05
tonight i went to this church. they were having a talent contest. i sang and played piano to a song i wrote. i went first. i sat through maybe 5...
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im feeling it now. 6/13/05
so today i have an interview at good will. i really couldnt care less if i get the job or not. im already working at mcdonalds so its not a...
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im done with school...for this year. 6/1/05
today was my last day of school. tomorrow wouldve been but im working. doesnt matter. im glad its over. i cant wait to go back to mesquite next year. i...
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Surrounded in their Drama5/16/05
im going to prom!5/8/05
made nationals...but doubt ill be there.4/29/05
It's All Real.4/27/05
You've Never Believed Me.4/26/05
this past weekend was interesting.4/24/05
today...i dont like today.4/20/05
late nights and disasterous driving.4/19/05
i feel like a failure.3/22/05
change of attitudes.3/21/05
memories kill.3/12/05
major pain. (not the movie).3/8/05
pulled between 2 of high importance to me3/3/05
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