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I'm busy, I don't write coherently, and you still care. aw.
frustration and post mortem relations 10/9/05
1. i know i haven't written in forever. deal with it. 2. how is it possible that one person can make me feel this badly. so badly that i believe,...
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reasons i'm special... 5/10/05
reason # 712: I continually try and zip my button fly jeans. reason # 713: when I finally get it into my head to button my jeans, I then continually...
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To Inspiration: 4/21/05
Some days, it's true, I forget where my love belongs. I forget that I am alive. But then I get a two by four to the back of the head,...
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non-caps, non-plussed (fighting random, with randomer) 4/13/05
i well i like haiku but my haiku are wrong. sometimes it makes me sad to learn the right way to live. if i could bounce along to my incorrect harmonization, reciting my malformed...
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*doodle oodle* 3/28/05
The stars, though not visible in the Phoenix sky, shine like so much glitter on the ground. You wouldn't think a city, so ugly on the basest of levels, so...
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Highly Uninspired 3/9/05
My brain is fried, I'm not used to taking three tests in one day. Let alone tough ones. All I want to do is go hit a ball against a...
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*woosh* != stunned silence2/28/05
Titles are overrated.2/24/05
Happy Birthday the House2/22/05
Cacti have a similar glory2/15/05
*pitter patter*2/12/05
Peach Oatmeal and Chai for breakfast2/7/05
ESPY! (not Espn)2/2/05
High Hopes, Big Dreams1/18/05
Does it count as procrastination if you're not in the same timezone?1/2/05
A little word12/17/04
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