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There's not an original thought in my head. You'll notice this with the number of quotes that I use. These are my tendencies of reaction to my environment. Identifying with people or things is one of the most important things to me. So it would be to my inexpressible delight if you could find something in this to identify with or connect with.
The Need for a Careful Kind of Love 6/14/05
Careful Love, Of which Loves you choose. Cuz Love asails like no known force Careful Hon. The stitch hugs tight enough to bruise Cuz Love fails with no known source. Restless so long without Existence comes with...
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The Hate Yourself Change and A Sense of Where You Are 6/7/05
"I think you are more aware of your own faults than anyone I have ever met, though, you are probably more reluctant to change than anyone I have met. That...
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"In the places you go...You'll see the place where you're from." 6/7/05
I did 3 internships with disney. First, you have to do a "grunt work" type job for five I worked on the Magic Kingdom's Main Street USA Daily operations...
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Returning to the Better Than Sex Question 5/6/04
I just finished Chuck Palahniuk fourth offering, "Choke", which I enjoyed thoroughly. Sexual "perversion" and insightfully apocalyptic "losers". Is there a reason yet good enough for you to reduce...
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I'm fucking pissed 4/24/04
So I'm in the middle of watching 21 grams and the appointment where Sean Penn finds out that his partner had an abortion...and I'm freaking out emotionally when I hear...
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a pretty little girl to ride roughshod over me 4/19/04
Though this trip had been planned for a few months, I was sticking to or giving my best effort at sticking to our theme of no expectations. But when I...
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we measure success by ignoring one pinhead at a time4/8/04
Serendiptiy in Full Effect4/8/04
yellow devil enamel4/8/04
Too lazy to give this a title.4/4/04
It's one fine day: aside from the Seasonal Affective Disorder epidemic3/28/04
Freud>Jung>Gilligan>Society's regression into lack of testicals?3/23/04
If it wiggles and comes in a can, eat it3/21/04
The emotional pleasures of contradiction are impossible to sell3/17/04
Perverts and Pointy Elbows: Freshman Strip Club Trip3/16/04
Better Than Sex, Seriously3/15/04
Originality Spoken Here: If It is Any Consolation3/8/04
A little solace and some peace of mind3/7/04
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