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silence 6/20/04
They won't see The fire you have lit inside of me They look up to the stars And wonder where you might be They look up without realizing That they're...
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Maybe with me 6/19/04
It hasn't been that long since we drank to the sunset until it was gone and down with it went our pain and fear as we slowly broke contact more and more, with...
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Goshdangit 6/14/04
So where did you go How was your vacation home well obviously you were busy too busy for me so this is how you leave me Im broken hearted on the floor my tears seep through...
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TAN MAN 6/7/04
Theres a dude that always is at my apt. pool. He just sits there, in his shorts and shirt with his little ice chest and watches people. He is there...
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black is back 6/7/04
So I'm done being wack now. The coaster is back on its tracks. Sorry....
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As the world turns 5/8/04
So how wierd is it to hang out with someone you like and someone that likes you the whole night. The wierd part is that it was two different people....
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Entry Date
Too lazy to give this a title.5/4/04
Will the mother of the girl come to aisle 55/4/04
I don't know your name.5/1/04
No More Crying...4/30/04
I want to be your love song.4/29/04
bowling for columbine4/20/04
Imma gonna be the crazy bird women4/20/04
The devil lives next door...4/16/04
C.S. Representation4/14/04
Just another one of my crazy theories.4/12/04
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