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Don't expect much. But you can count on honesty.
This is my outlet so that I do not have to inflict my thoughts on people I actually know.
The day after 10/17/05
The world seems fresh, exciting and new My heart races to speed up my pace Anxiously soaking up the sights and smells And colors swirl but admire each one Everything is clear and bright...
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For the sake of happiness 9/22/05
Does it really matter if I'm happy? If I don't think it matters then am I free of any obligations that would lead to happiness (e.g. writing my paper on happiness). ...
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My philosophy paper 3/12/05
Dr. Paulsen, My thoughts aspire to greater heights than words could ever rise. Accordingly, the only words I can find by which to pin down my thoughts are not heavy and...
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I killed myself - literally 3/3/05
The flask tipped a bit, but I had it under control. She jumped and yelled, that made me jump and the next thing I knew a pool of ethidium bromide...
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Slipping into the afternoon 2/25/05
I breathed in the sun drenched rays of a beautiful afternoon and in so doing my eyes caught hold of the crystallized flakes swirling around my peaceful thoughts. As I...
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Falling 2/20/05
And I fall Though I never was Just my thoughts Not quite attaining And I fall ...
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I'm a carbocation in the reaction of life2/18/05
Five Years From now2/11/05
energy breakdown2/10/05
This is my choice1/29/05
The One Thing I can't Escape Part II1/27/05
The one thing I can't escape1/21/05
I'm Ashamed of Utah1/19/05
22 months is way to long to keep this in1/11/05
His Joy1/8/05
Song Lyrics12/16/04
AHHHH My Professor keeps hitting on me12/11/04
I can't trust anything I've learned12/9/04
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