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again 12/25/04

so here i am again, feeling anxious, feeling alone,

still wonderin what you want and why i can continue to ignore what it felt like last time

it makes you feel...
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Anyone Who Knew Kristen Leah Hooker READ THIS!!! 7/12/04
If you haven't heard, Kristen crashed her motorcycle Saturday 7/10/04 morning while on a ride with her dad. she lost control and hit a guardrail. She was pronounced...
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what to think 6/6/04
so what do i make of all this, as much i as think it is just not right i yearn for every interaction, every momment shared, every chance to be the...
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I wish i had a stalker 5/28/04
I wish i had a stalker how cool would that be, to have someone so crazy about you that they would: - follow you to strange places just to stand at a distance...
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space 5/27/04
I'm Starting to hate this...
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It was empty 5/26/04
It was empty...
And although i didn't realistically think that it wouldn't be
I hoped!
I left...
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Thoughts to Ponder4/21/04


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