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Last Night... 6/26/04
Hello to all of you, especially those of you who told me to come back, as it does really mean a lot to me that I at least entertain those...
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Bleh...Not again. 4/29/04
Well, it's me again. I've not posted in quite a while, and now, back here, I am adding a depressed rant-type of thing. Yeah, welcome, right? Hah...In any case, to...
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Some disturbing content ahead.... 4/21/04
This story was written in about an hour. It just kinda flowed. But yeah. Without further ado...(Format might be fahked though) ...
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Story....The delirium == fun 4/21/04
Well, I started writing a short story, I don't particularly know if it's either good or if it makes a lick of sense, but personally, I'm having fun (which is...
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Hmm...Third post in like four hours...I'm getting to be a Post Wh0re.. 4/21/04
Well, i know I shouldn't really be doing this, as I don't want to be compulsive with this, and I really don't know how many people here A.) Use emulation,...
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Sleep? 4/21/04
Alright, this is what, my second entry in about 20 minutes...Or an hour, what have you, but....Yeah. Anyway, some people may say that sleep is overrated, but....It's so good when...
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