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just rambling .... 2/24/06
just rambling about life and the additions to my life In case there was any question about it, this week rocked. I had been really down about breaking up with my...
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had no where else to put this 10/7/05
I needed that smile, thank you! I needed that time to reassure me, thank you! Thank you for understanding when to push and when to let go. Thank you for...
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Old time Saturday fun 3/26/05
Does anyone else remember picking up cans as a kid? Roaming the neighborhood with you wagon and black garbage bags. What an adventure it was. A contest too. We knew...
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snap crackle pop 3/9/05
I HATE my knee! that being said i have to call my father to see if he can bring me a straight leg brace .... grrr.... ...
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not so bad... 2/28/05
Today was Monday... like you didn't already know that, but unlike the usual Monday this one was good. It might be because of the scary shit that happened last night,...
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tryings not enough 2/22/05
Failing can open your eyes to many things and if you have the strength of mind and will to change, you can fix it and make it a life lesson....
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Am I really that bad2/12/05
She kissed me…1/27/05
sleep please1/25/05
Thank you buddy1/23/05
not cold but...1/20/05
For you I leave.1/19/05
This is not college1/19/05
I want some control1/13/05
What I see of me1/7/05
No sleep for me1/4/05
Life without you would not be liveable.1/3/05
A first1/1/05
My walls12/25/04
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