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A mindless ramble 10/14/05
She is alone. The room has been dark for several hours and in the backround her fishtank bubbles merrily. She however is quiet awake...Bloody insomnia... She rolls over and looks...
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The return of the maze 3/29/05
The maze is back. Its walls reach infinitely upward, looming, intimidating. I have been wandering these dark corridors endlessly; doubling back, going forward, always lost. Many times...
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Changes continued... 10/21/04
Plunging into her past, deeper and deeper. She begins to feel the darkness of her mind pressing in on her. It is constricting, suffocating, it presses and pushes....
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There is a cold wind a'blowin.... 10/21/04
I am sitting, the sun is warm and feels good against my exposed skin. At the same time a cool breeze flows across the courtyard creating a perfect...
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Traveling with you... 9/6/04
So it was only yesterday... It was only yesterday that we played phone tag. Then, you came and we left. We left this hell hole and fled to the...
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Anonymity 8/4/04
One person in a sea of thousands. No one knows your name or history. You are alone. All that you do here seems to have little to...
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Entry Date
Emptying my head should be easier than this8/4/04
paralysis and rambling for lunch8/4/04
Barely Visable7/29/04
Stuck inside my head7/23/04
Summertime and the living is...7/17/04
The Weight of Water (Reflections)6/8/04
Planned Randomness (Hurray for Oxymorons)5/10/04
Headaches suck!!!5/5/04
The End of Speaker for the Dead.5/1/04
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