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D-line 7/22/04
Well today i got pretty much nuthin to do except d-line at 6:00 pm.... When i have nuthin to do it quite annoying becuz im bored but when i...
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IM BACK!! 7/15/04
WELL! i jus got back from virginia. I had a really good time.. I got to see a lot of monuments and memorials.... we went to...
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Food..... 7/6/04
everytime i get hungry there is no food in the Fridge......When i not hungry My mom makes like the biggest dinners u have ever seen! i swear that my...
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Self-control..... 7/3/04
Ya well i guess i have none.... my parents told me i couldnt do sumthin i wanted to last night so i freaked out :(...... it really...
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Sleep 7/2/04
wow that title makes me mad cuz i havent gotten any of it... :( well didnt really do anything today except help the family with phone books...
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Ya 7/2/04
Well today wasnt the greatest.... kinda sucked actually. Well i did nuthing.. Went to youth and played drums but didnt really get any closer to God tonight...
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