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Secret plans, love and bitterness, creative writing, problems good and bad, friends and family....
hovering between black and white

faith. hope. optimism. doubt. fear. sarcasm.

Little things 9/16/04
My roommate is gone. I know she's not gone forever, but it's weird how different things are when she's not around. I miss her. Her bed is...
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What I Know About The Mexican Revolution 9/13/04
The room is dark and inviting. The projected image in the screen in front of me provides a warm yellow glow, the seat on my padded chair has...
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Half a mile! 9/12/04
Football games make me irritable. Got a call yesterday morning (I was still dead to the world. as was my roomie) from Parking and Transportation, they were scolding me!...
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An *Adult* Entry 9/9/04
Today, I am official. Legal, an adult. You know what's funny? I'm no more of an adult today than I was yesterday, but today I can make...
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Coke in a champagne glass 9/6/04
The stretch Hummer limo pulled into the cul de sac slowly. He braked in front of my house, then completed a perfect 3 point turn so he was facing...
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Blame it on my Youth 9/2/04
Laying in bed, the fleece pulled tight around my bare shoulders, I can hear the air conditioning. I can hear the barely audible sound of my roommate's rhythmic breathing;...
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Apocalypse, please!8/30/04
So, life, what have you in store for me?8/29/04
The Friend8/25/04
Watch the sunrise, say your goodbyes8/25/04
The cruelty of time8/23/04
Ah, college life...8/22/04
To Jeer or Leer8/19/04
Dying to be8/15/04
She Will Be Loved8/12/04
Reality at its best and worst...8/12/04
What fifty hours a week at work will do to your brain...7/26/04
Rope bridges7/12/04
It's a dog-eat-dog world.6/29/04
Busted Stuff6/23/04
Did I leave 'us' behind?6/17/04
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