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Secret plans, love and bitterness, creative writing, problems good and bad, friends and family....
hovering between black and white

faith. hope. optimism. doubt. fear. sarcasm.

The District 6/30/05
There is something absolutely mesmerizing about the beginning of The District Sleeps Alone Tonight. It truly takes me to another world. The dull synthesizer is a constant, yet it seems...
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The bee has got to be and the flea has got to flee... 6/23/05
It rained here tonight. The water gathered in the low places, collected and joined forces at the most vulnerable places. It churned white in traffic, but always retreated...
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I'm a Tramp! 6/17/05
Hah, got your attention, didn't I?! In all actuality, the title of this post is entirely true. I am now a Saddletramp. Since most of you don't know...
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Surprise. 6/8/05
There has to be something to gap this chasm. It's my religion versus my heart, and I know they're supposed to agree but they don't. My religion says...
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Barely controlled chaos 5/31/05
When I say "barely controlled", what I really mean is careening wildly around corners, skidding along the pavement, balls to the wall 180 miles an hour pure insanity. That's...
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Never before... 5/22/05
Never before have I hated food this much. I despise eating. Never before have I questioned anything this much. Life throws funny things at you, you know?...
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Yeah, sorry about this...5/12/05
How does it feel when we get locked into a stare?5/10/05
What are you?5/7/05
I'm slowly giving her my heart to do with as she pleases5/3/05
I'm in love...4/25/05
2731 N. Pacific Dr.4/12/05
Princess Consuela? No, that won't do...4/8/05
Because I'm Crazy Like That.4/7/05
What the morning brings3/23/05
Never betray the way you've always known it is3/13/05
Slow dancing on the boulevard...3/11/05
Now we're tired, battered fighters3/8/05
Hardcore at its most HARDCORENESS. Or something.3/7/05
Moral of the story3/3/05
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