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The Good Die Young 12/2/04
It was more than a tragedy Emotions be grabbin' me Plane fell from the sky We tryin' to figure what happened Burnin' churches, fearin' God Who can be so cruel We all ignorant to AIDS Till it...
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Can U Get Away? 7/10/04
Ever since I met ya I compute tha pressure it's like your man don't understand all he does is stress ya I can see your state of misery from tha introduction ain't nobody suckin' and touchin' this...
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Where is this Country Headed?? 7/6/04
It sickens me to see some of the crap that is going on in our Country. Once again we find ourself fighting someone elses war. Its not our Fault that...
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2 B A Nonstop Battle 7/4/04
This is my first entry on this site and i figured i would share a working progress with my latest acapella entitled 2 B A Nonstop Battle in reflection of...
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