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Trials and tribulations of textually tortured Thomas 8/3/04
Yes. My first name is thomas. But, that's not important right now. I went back to doctor yesterday and was told that I have a "nice looking" wound in my back...
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More fun on the trail to wellness 8/1/04
So, I shut down my "blog" early this morning, writing a few paragraphs on why I wouldn't continue to write there for the time being. I'll likely change my mind...
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Just a little pinprick.... 7/27/04

Well, alright. Just a quickie update. I did have my surgery late last week, and I've been recovering as well as I can the last few days. Long naps, followed...
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Saturday...oh, Saturday. 7/17/04

How much more bored can I be? I've done some laundry, but avoided actually folding any of it. I've made my breakfast, and lunch, and even cleaned some of it...
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Journals? That's just diaries for boys! 7/16/04

It's Friday, again. It's Friday every single week at about this time. I should be taking a paycheck to the bank sometime today, but I can't really drive to go...
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