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im a bum 11/23/04
well recently i have done the usual. tyler and i got in a huge fight and we got back together. he got me in trouble i made out...
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i love this journal 11/13/04
how can life come crashing down in 2.5 seconds would someone please explain that crap to me? i went from having a bf who seemed nice to having someone who...
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i love claudio 11/9/04
omg the coheed and cabria concert kicked ass! i had the best time they are so freaking amazing words can't describe. if you havent heard thier cd u have...
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its starting to kick in 11/6/04
well last night was my last high schol football game ever and i am slowly beginning to realize that i have 6 more months left of high school. thats in...
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fall break sucked 10/16/04
well i went to connecticut with my family for fall break, woop dee doo! omg i thought it was going to be so much freaking fun and it just sucked...
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the nerve! 10/5/04
well the crush is a jerk! no he didnt call but everyone wanted to know where another place to hang out was bc where we were was a bust, so...
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nothing good yet10/2/04
its been a while9/8/04
love sucks ass8/22/04
Senior year!8/20/04
The village sucked!8/14/04
Ordinary Life8/8/04
"Everything Evil" by Coheed and Cambria8/5/04
Life in general8/5/04
kings is a fun game7/30/04
A good day for once!!!7/28/04
ex's cause so much grief7/27/04
will my mind ever stop thinking and let me sleep!7/24/04
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