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so long. 9/27/04
ok. this is my last entry being the not so mysterious jumble. i hear that its sort of an unspoken rule that you don't have 2 names/journals. so im...
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what the fuck do i do now? 9/26/04
yep. well i did it. and i wasn't very mature about it either. but i mean, its a bit hard to just come out and talk about something...
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ARGH. 9/26/04
i got my blood tests back. everything is normal. now i just have to wait for monday to roll around to find out the rest of the scary...
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beware, touchy topic! 9/14/04
this is just no good. not only am i dealing w/ a retarded family situation, but i have a serious problem of my own. thank goodness this joint...
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what would you do? 9/12/04
what would you do if you found out your mom was having sex w/ teenage boys? what would you do if she had sex w/ your boyfriend, while you were still...
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