i believe this is what they call "venting" - Bio

*shrug* 10/7/04
love isnt funny when it is burning inside when all you think of is how to get through the night when you want it its just a game that you play when you get it they're gonna...
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songs...the best form of expression 10/5/04
Your heart will always be my home No matter where I go No matter what may come You'll be my shelter in the storm A harbor safe and sound Where only true forgiveness can be...
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the brighter side 10/4/04
so this is probably the most difficult thing ive ever had to go through. hands down. but miraculousy, its a lot easier than you think. im dying inside right now. absolutely wretched...
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the greatest thing.... 10/4/04
people never believe me when i said i never meant to hurt you. they think its just a bullshit way to cover my own ass. and i will admit...
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whatever.... 9/20/04
I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and nobody's gonna bring me down today Been feeling like nothings been going my way lately So I decided right here and...
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*not worth a title* 9/11/04
so my intent for this is not to gain pity. nor is it to make anyone feel guilty. but im alone. and i mean literally alone. i have no one. not a single...
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12 Entries
Entry Date
fuckin epiphanys....8/28/04
this... is for you8/25/04
ugh. you know.8/23/04
what do you know, it did.8/18/04
sometimes, the beat doesnt go on8/18/04
"if you hold on, for one more day..."8/11/04


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