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SO. I'm back. Wondering who else is still here. 10/22/08
Very simple. If you still frequent this site. Post a quick note. It could be information on what you're upto, random thoughts, a quick pass through, or just a "."...
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Insurance Sucks 9/25/07
Why is it since I don't have it now, that my tooth is killing me? Where were they for the last 21 years? I know we all get sick or...
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I am forever lethargic 6/7/07
Ugh, long day in a string of longer ones blending together forming a lump of work and bed. I miss you guys. I'm all for being grownup, but grownups still...
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Long frustrating story summed up. 4/29/07
I put some things off, a bitchy horrifyingly mondane professor is possibly preventing me from graduating. Take my paper you whore and give it the grade it deserves so i...
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coming to an end 1/3/07
School is almost over. Decided to graduate in May considering my health professor sucked so hopefully I get a new one this time and I missed 1 PE class. I'm...
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merry F'in xmas 12/24/06
11:25 pm - Christmas Eve So christmas eve, 10 pm. We decided to open all our gifts. Small ceremony, just me, beth, stavros, casey, and the mommy. Good gifts all around...
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Busy holiday season12/17/06
And what's wrong with a banana and chocolate milk before bed?10/19/06
Short film: "Repayment"10/18/06
Is there a pulse doctor?9/7/06
so i'll post then7/4/06
The arizona kid is back... read on for details6/12/06
Hey look! We're populars5/17/06
OIO, now offering adspace in my dreams5/11/06
Not personal, just a morning point.5/8/06
It's coming around again, they're letting it out again5/4/06
Obligatory pat on the back11/17/05
Hah, love being faux-responsible10/20/05
Craigslist Revolution. wow.10/14/05
Late for Sex, why not post?10/4/05
Music Impressions9/6/05
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