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Soo much to talk about! 11/5/04
Soo much to talk about! I moved out of the apartment with the boys -- it took a lot of strength but i finally did it! I moved into a house...
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don't leave a message after the beep 10/21/04
i called my other roommate this morning to ask him if he would pick up a bottle of glass cleaner on his way home from school. he was in class...
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All the years of work for nothing... 10/19/04
I started drinking again. Ive been avoiding the roomate that i had a fight with. Im scared of what me might do or say to me. I feel bad that...
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I got in a fight today 10/18/04
Today I got into a fight with one of my roommates. I live with two boys who are decent enough to me but only really pay attention to me when...
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